Our dental practice is proud to be among those who can offer a unique system for the production of prosthetic work, CAD CAM system
Quality of technology is recognized by the user satisfaction.
Proof of the success of CAD CAM 15 million deployed Cerec prosthetic products for the past 20 years worldwide. Satisfied are dentists, and especially patients whose 95-97% crown after ten years is still intact.

What some consider the future of technology, are no longer in effect become a proven technology available to ordinary patient.

There are four main reasons, why patients decide for ceramic works made by Cerec system:

Cerec has been designed to offer the opportunity to produce and transmit ceramic pay on-site medical treatment during a single visit. All without the traditional impressions and temporaries.

Patient treatment Cerec system is very simple.
within a few seconds digital fingerprint is captured.
This new camera is Cerec bluecam, which always has the same quality of recording, regardless of distance from the preparation.

High quality optical digital fingerprint is the foundation of precision prosthetics.
3D software extends the range of indications of this system in practice, and sets new standards in precision Cerec fixed prosthetic works.
Cerec Bluecam a new Cerec 3D software consists of individual frames in a sequence so as to create an accurate visual impression not only of individual tooth, but also the entire quadrant and the whole jaw.
The resulting 3D model provides an ideal base for modeling facets, inlays, onlays and crowns, as well as for fixed bridges.
As part of a wireless connection with ac Cerec milling machine.Cerec c offers compelling advantages in terms of ergonomics, hygiene and effective treatment.
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minimally invasive treatment
without the presence of metal prosthetic work
precise shape and color reproduction
and above all a complete medical treatment
during one visit.

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